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This sites are part of the Wetdog Lumpen Net:

  • Pornlists

    One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them

    In Pornlists you can find all the porn from the net. Users, Playlists, Videos, Pictures, etc.

    Available in Spanish through pornolistas.com, german through Pornolisten.de, and nederland through Pornolijsten.com

  • TeenageLovers

    If you are looking for teenagers, this your place

  • MatureLover

    Because women are like wine, they get better over years.

  • TrannyLovers

    Passion for trans. All porn about trannies, shemales and ladyboys.

  • AsiaLovers

    Porn from Asia. Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thailand, etc.

  • BondageLove

    More than sex is art. Place for BDSM lovers.

  • Pornomari

    Flamenco gay porn. Tribute to all andalusian gays.

  • Omarsex

    Are you tired of american porn?. Omarsex is your place, here you can find non wester porn. Listen moans in hindi and Arab

  • GrannyLovers

    The name say everything. If you like soft meats, I mean, experienced people, this your place.

  • WetdogTV

    Same, same but different. Different UI, different experience, experimental purpouse.